Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Shrimp Cocktail Sauce

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I've mentioned before this is not a recipe blog, but I have been known to make exceptions before. Time for another exception.

While in Old Orchard Beach, Maine, last week, we had dinner at an amazing restaurant called the Yellow Fin. We had perhaps the best shrimp cocktail I have ever eaten, and it was the cocktail sauce that made all the difference. I asked the server how it was made, and she told me.  It is really easy, to boot, plus purely low carb.

Take 6 to 8 ripe, medium sized tomatoes. Peel and seed the tomatoes.
Pulse the tomatoes in your food processor (but do not puree; leave chunks).
Add 1/4 cup pure horseradish (or perhaps a bit more, if you like more bite to your sauce)
Salt and pepper to taste.  
Juice from 1/4 lemon
1 Tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce (optional).

Then stir it all together. Makes about one cup of cocktail sauce for your cold, boiled shrimp. Without using processed and carb-laden ketchup.

We discovered that it tastes better if it has had a while for the flavors to mix, so prepare some a few hours before you need it. And we sometimes needed to put the sauce on the shrimp with a spoon, but it was really good.

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