Saturday, March 12, 2011

Carb Cravings

Wow, yesterday I suffered through some pretty serious carb cravings.  I did not succumb, but I did drink a diet A&W root beer.  My wife has been telling me I drink too much diet soda, and I agree, so I haven't had one in a week, since March 4.  I've been drinking water instead.  However, the diet root beer helped a lot.  She also bought some raspberries, which are good and high fiber/low carb, so I made some whipping cream and sweetened it with sucralose (0 carbs) and had raspberries and cream.  I also made sure to eat two salads as well (one for lunch and one for dinner).  That satisfied the cravings and I still consumed fewer than 20 grams of carbs today.

Long term, I feel like I need to break my cravings for carbs, especially for sweets.  They tell me it can happen.  But I am taking baby steps in this process and right now I needed the crutch afforded by the diet A&W.