Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Non Scale Victories

For whatever reason, I did not lose any weight this past week.  The first three weeks were pretty dramatic, so I guess I shouldn't be too worried.  One thing I did learn from Weight Watchers through both of my failed attempts at weight loss on that program was to celebrate non-scale victories, or NSVs.  Their basic idea was to not let the scale tyrannize you or determine your sense of self worth, and to look for victories that do not come at the scale.  So even though I no longer adhere to the Weight Watchers philosophy of eating, I can borrow other ideas.  So here I go.

First off, my blood sugar levels are really good and I celebrate one week of being off injectable insulin.  I am assuming my blood pressure is also good, but since my nurse-wife is out of town, I haven't checked it for a few days.  My carnivore diet has definitely lead to an overall improvement in my health and that is most definitely an NSV to celebrate.

Second, I have gone down two notches in my belt since I started, and yesterday, I pulled out a pair of jeans that had a waist size of 48 inches instead of the 50 inches I have been wearing.  The 50 inch jeans were getting quite lose and it was a pleasure to discover the 48-inch jeans fit a lot better.  My wife will now have a lot of jeans fabric with which to make a jeans quilt.  So I am not taking up as much space as I used to.  A great NSV.

Finally, I was chasing the dog around the couch yesterday and realized that I had a lot more energy than I usually do.  So we chased and chased and chased and I did not get tired like I usually did (and Titan really enjoyed the activity).  I have also noticed that when I walk around the mall in the mornings, I have more energy.

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