Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Weekly Update

I am reporting in on Tuesday, instead of Monday, since I was traveling home from Europe yesterday.  This past week, I lost 3.2 pounds.  Part of that loss might be due to fluctuations due to jet lag; it's happened before on Weight Watchers.  However, since my experience on the LCD is different from Weight Watchers, I cannot say for sure that jet lag is affecting things.  On WW, the day after I got home, I would show a large loss, then a gain the next day, recuperating some of the lost weight.  We will see if that happens tomorrow.

On the blood pressure side of things, I was 110/78 last night when my nurse wife took my blood pressure.  Perfectly normal.  And my blood sugars continue to do very well.  With one exception (last night, which might be due to jet lag messing things up), my readings have always been less than 140 one hour after a meal and less than 120, two hours after a meal.  The only abnormal reading continues to be my fasting blood sugars in the morning, which are a bit high (120-135).  However, I have recently learned that if you are heavy and losing weight, the burning of fat during the night will contribute to a higher reading in the morning.

So by and large, I am pleased.  I am down 19.2 pounds in six weeks, for an average of 3.2 pounds per week.  Follow my weekly progress on this chart.  More importantly, my blood sugar readings and blood pressure are almost in the normal range and I am cutting back on my oral medicine (after discontinuing the insulin injections).

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