Sunday, April 3, 2011

Low Carb Living to Help Overcome Type II Diabetes

File this under the label, "Information I wish I knew when I was first diagnosed as diabetic."  Low carb living is an excellent way to deal with the onset of type II diabetes, often without resorting to drugs.

A recent study compared a low carb diet with a more traditional, low fat, high carb, low glycemic index diet and concluded the following.  "Dietary modification let to improvements in glycemic control and medication reduction/elimination in motivated volunteers with type 2 diabetes.  The diet lower in carbohydrate led to greater improvements in glycemic control, more frequent medication reduction/elimination than the low glycemic index diet.  Lifestyle modification using low carbohydrate interventions is effective for improving and reversing type 2 diabetes."  Low carb subjects in this study lost significantly more weight and significantly lowered their HBA1C readings more  than those on the low glycemic index diet.  "Significantly" as it is used here is a statistical term, and if you are really curious, you can read all the gory details in the article linked above.

Interested in reading something less dense about low carbohydrate diets and type II diabetes?  This article recommends two books by medical doctors written for the lay person that spell out how to reverse diabetes by following a low carb lifestyle.  Caveat: I haven't read either book (yet), but I trust the source of the recommendation.

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