Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What I Eat

Over the past two weeks, several people have asked what I eat on a daily basis.  Here is a basic summary from the past two or three days.

Breakfast:  Bacon and cheese omelet (made with two eggs) cooked in butter.
Lunch:  Chicken thigh on a bed of lettuce with full fat ranch dressing (homemade); hard boiled egg.
Snack:  One cheese stick, about a dozen pepperoni rounds, one ounce of almonds
Dinner:  One pork chop, cabbage with bacon (cooked in bacon grease), three large strawberries, 1/4 cup heavy whipping cream.

Breakfast:  Sausage and cheese omelet (made with two eggs), cooked in butter
Lunch:  Chicken breast with skin on it, salad with creamy ranch dressing, hard boiled egg
Dinner:  Ham steak, cabbage with bacon (same as previous night), strawberries and cream
Snack:  Cheese stick, beef stick

Breakfast:  Bacon and cheese omelet (made with two eggs) cooked in butter
Lunch:  Steak and salad with olive oil and vinegar at a restaurant

I haven't had a snack so for today, nor have I had dinner yet.  Note that almost every day I eat an omelet for breakfast, though a time or two I have had steak and eggs.  I usually take leftovers for lunch (chicken, meat loaf, etc.).  When there are no leftovers, I eat two cans of tuna fish (preferably packed in oil) mixed with real mayonnaise, cheese, and onions for a salad, plus a hard boiled egg.  For dinner we have tried a number of things, but it boils down to meat and one or two vegetables (non-starchy, leafy, colorful vegetables).  If I have a salad, it almost always has cheese, egg, and bacon on it.  We have made a quiche with an almond crust once and a cheesy cream of cauliflower soup.  I usually eat berries with cream for a dessert of sorts in the evening.

I avoid all cereal grains, potatoes, rice, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, most fruit, milk, or anything with a lot of carbs in it.  I usually consume fewer than 20 grams of carbs per day (the USDA recommended amount is over 300 grams of carbs, but then they also recommend a low fat diet).

I don't count calories and usually eat until I am full.  Fat is really filling.  I hope this helps.

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