Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Egyptian Mummies with Heart Disease

Apparently, there are some Egyptian mummies out there with heart disease.  So how did they get heart disease?  According to the "journalists" who wrote the above news story, from eating too much saturated fat and meat.  What idiots!  The Nile River valley and delta is one of the earliest sites for agriculture and a lot of agricultural products were grown and eaten there, plus a fair amount of fish.  The early Egyptian diet is well known, complete with pictures depicting fat Egyptians.  The agricultural products they grew in this lush delta region provided most of what they ate.  To blame the heart disease on meat and fat is to be seriously uninformed about agricultural and Egyptian history.

For the record, saturated fat and cholesterol does not cause heart disease.  In the past few years, numerous scientific studies in prominent medical and scientific journals have thoroughly debunked the cholesterol-in-saturated-fats-causes-heart-disease myth, as have several books.  Want heart disease?  Eat more carbohydrates and become diabetic.  Or smoke cigarettes.  Or lower your cholesterol level too far (in this study, the lowest rates of cholesterol were associated with the highest number of deaths from heart disease).  But stop blaming it on meat and saturated fats.

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