Thursday, July 21, 2011

Low Carbing on the Road in Maine

The Bed and Breakfast in which we are staying in Old Orchard Beach, Maine, hardly serves anything I can eat for breakfast. On the first morning here, I had an herbal tea with a pat of butter in it for breakfast. Actually, I went to the store and bought some deli roast beef and cheese. Lunch was more deli meats and cheese, but we actually had a decent dinner. That has been my pattern since. Very little at the B&B for breakfast, then meat and cheese for lunch, and a decent dinner (meat and salad).

Eating out is a real pain some times. The best places to eat are very expensive and the worst sell nothing but pure carbage. I am looking forward to the end of traveling when I return home on Saturday. I haven't strayed from my low carb lifestyle at all, but the things I have been eating at times are interesting. For example, I had a bag of pepperoni slices for breakfast, plus a few raspberries and half a cup of heavy whipping cream, which I drank straight up. Home cooking, I miss you!

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