Wednesday, March 23, 2011

France and Switzerland

Well, I am discovering that it is somewhat easier to eat out in France and Switzerland than I was fearing.  I cooked a bacon and cheese omelet this morning in the apartment in Antwerp, then drove with my colleague through France and to Bern, Switzerland, where we are spending the night.  I discovered that those rest stops in France sell smoked sausage sticks that are actually quite good.  I was also able to find some Sprite Zero, which surprised me.

Tonight in Switzerland, I had perhaps the best Caesar salad I have ever eaten, probably because of the real parmesan cheese.  Plus a "prime rib."  It's in quotation marks, because it was more like a steak than prime rib.  Oh, well, it was delicious.  Tomorrow, it is on to Interlaken, and we will see how it goes then as well.

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