Friday, March 25, 2011

News from the Low Carb Blogosphere

From the Metabolism Society comes this news:  low-fat diets, alone and/or in combination with exercise, had no effect on metabolic syndrome.  But as I've noted before, low carb diets have significant, positive effects on metabolic syndrome.

Recent evidence that intense cardio-vascular exercise, such as training for and running in more than three marathons per year, may cause damage to the heart.

Here is a fairly extensive, annotated list of diseases that can be cured or prevented by following a low carb diet.  For example, eating cheese can help to prevent tooth decay.

William Davis, M.D., a cardiologist in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, discusses the unexpected benefits of a wheat-free diet.  He also points out that eating oatmeal causes significant blood sugar spikes.

Eating butter and cream will improve your cardiovascular health.

When checking your blood sugars, make sure to wash your hands with soap, dry them thoroughly, and don't squeeze to get blood.  Readings may be affected by +/- 10%.

Whole wheat bread causes blood sugar spikes that are similar to white bread.

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