Tuesday, March 8, 2011

So What do I Eat?

Take yesterday, for example.  I had a ham and cheese omelet for breakfast, tuna salad with cheese and real mayonnaise for lunch, and salmon with olive oil and cabbage with ham for dinner.  For snack, I had a hard boiled egg, a cheese stick, and a dozen or so pepperoni rounds.  So it's not all beef and pork, though I do eat my share of that.  Total carb count for yesterday:  about 10 grams.  My wife is discovering that I am more than willing to make her eggs and meat for breakfast, too, which she appreciates.

Research on the very low carbohydrate diet shows that since protein is more filling, people spontaneously eat fewer calories than they would otherwise because they feel more full.  This is so true!  The great big benefit of embracing my inner carnivore is that I am no longer hungry and those intrusive thoughts of food have generally left me.  I am sleeping better (though I am having more vivid dreams) and I have a lot more energy to burn than I used to have.

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