Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Sweet Life

I have read that by following a low carb diet that one will eventually lose the cravings for carbs.  While it hasn't yet happened to me, I have noticed that when I do eat naturally sweet things, such as raspberries, I am discovering they are really, truly sweet.  Since I haven't been cluttering up my palate with sweets in the past six weeks, I have learned to truly taste sweet fruits like raspberries for what they are.

In Belgium and France, where I spend a lot of time due to work issues, I have noticed they eat a lot fewer sweets than your average American, and many complain that sweets in the U.S. are too sweet.  I am seeing what they mean.  When I can truly savor and enjoy the sweetness of a raspberry, I realize that my taste buds had been deadened by the constant onslaught of sweet things I had been eating.  They are coming out of that sweet shock and it is a remarkably pleasant experience.

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