Saturday, April 2, 2011

Blood Sugar 101

Of all the sites on the web about type II diabetes, the Blood Sugar 101 site is by far the best and most helpful.  It tells you a lot of things about blood sugars, how to control them, and what to eat to get them low.  It is all really common sense and I cannot believe that my physician and "diabetes educator" didn't tell me this information.  Actually, I am finding my physician and diabetes educator to be less than useless in helping me manage my diabetes.

While the entire site is very good, two pages in particular were helpful.  First, the Healthy Blood Sugars page gave me a lot of information about where my sugar levels should be, backed with empirical data.  And the "Lower Your Blood Sugar" flyer was priceless.  I printed it out and hung it up at work.  If diabetes is an issue for you, I would highly recommend this site.

There is a sister site, by the same author, on low carb dieting that is also quite good.  Funnily enough, the author writes bodice ripping romance novels.  I haven't read any of those, nor will I, but her blood sugar and low carb information is quite good.

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