Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Joy of Fasting

Last month, I fasted one meal on fast Sunday, and it was remarkably easy.  Today, I did two meals.  After dinner last night, I started the fast and never looked back.  It was remarkably easy, without by body sending me distress signals all day long.  I could feel I was hungry, but it wasn't painful, the way it used to be.  To recap, when I was gorging on carbs, most of the fuel was turned into fat and not used for energy, which is why heavy people eat a lot, and often.  Since they eat carbs, they have to graze all day long like herbivores.  They are literally starving at the cellular level.  When you fast and are already starving at the cellular level, it becomes very unpleasant.

Restoring my ability to fast is another unexpected plus of the low carb diet.  I was able to feel the Spirit much more intensely today and, combined with the visit of my oldest daughter, made today a very enjoyable Sunday.

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