Tuesday, May 17, 2011

One Week Free of Diet Soda

Today marks one full week since the last time I had a diet soda.  I had a single can of Sprite Zero on the plane over to Europe last Wednesday, and nothing since then.  Baby steps, but a milestone for me nonetheless.  I gave up caffeinated diet soda in March, 2010, after realizing I was addicted to the stuff, and went through about 10 days of caffeine withdrawal (including some very serious headaches).  Since there are not many caffeine free diet drinks in Europe, and since I will be here for about seven weeks, I decided to use this opportunity to just give up on diet drinks altogether.

This means I am basically drinking water now, with nothing added except, perhaps, a slice of lemon.  Since I also don't drink alcohol, coffee, or tea, this makes water the only reasonable choice.

I am still eating a small amount of artificial sweeteners in the whipped cream I make, but I may give that up as well.  The whipped cream is really tasty without the added sweetness.

So, does this mean eating is boring?  Absolutely not.  I have discovered that making sauces is a great way to spice up most meat dishes, and adding butter, cheese, or bacon to vegetables is a great flavor enhancer.

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