Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekly Update

I don't really know how much I lost this week.  We are now in Europe with a student group and I am using a different set of scales.  Both my wife and I have noticed it weighs us two pounds heavier than the set in the states, even though it is the same make and model.  So, according to the scales I am using over here, I have gained 0.4 pounds.  But if we subtracted 2 pounds from that, that would make a 1.6 pound loss...

So I guess we go with the new scales.  If it really is two pounds heavier than the usual scales, I will recoup that loss when I return.  You can follow my weight loss progress on this chart.  Whatever the result, I have noticed that on a low carb diet, I tend to stay the same weight most of the time, then whoosh, I drop several pounds from one day to the next.  Oh, well.

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