Sunday, May 15, 2011

Eating Real Food

I love Europe, they eat real food over here.  The kind of food that is fresh, or comes in a package with one ingredient (e.g., cream, butter, meat, cheese, vegetables, etc.).  The eggs are free range eggs (not produced in a cage) and the meat for the most part comes from grass fed animals.  Much of the cheese is made with unpasteurized whole milk, and you can buy fresh, whole, unpasteurized milk right in the supermarket.  It also helps that we are staying in an apartment and are able to cook in.

Tonight for dinner, we ate pork cutlets in a cream sauce, a large Jerusalem artichoke with Dijon mustard (me) or a cream and cheese sauce (my wife; made with cream, cheese, salt, and pepper), red cabbage with bacon (cooked in bacon grease), and fresh, seasonal Belgian strawberries in whipped cream.  I am sure the French would be horrified that I made the cheese sauce and the cream sauce for the cutlets with whipping cream, instead of cooking cream.  Yes, they sell many types of cream, depending on how it will be used.  But it was good, nonetheless.

The only real downside is that all of the above mentioned food items cost quite a bit more than in the U.S.  But, quoting Captain Kirk from Star Trek III, "As they say on earth, c'est la vie."

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