Thursday, June 16, 2011

Low Carb Dark Belgian Chocolate

I bought some Cote d'Or dark Belgian chocolate before leaving Belgium, the kind that is 70% cocoa butter and it was very, very good. There are 10 squares to the bar, each weighing 10 grams (3 grams of carbs, 14.5 grams of fat, of which 9 grams are saturated) and I must say it was wonderful. While it is low carb, there is real sugar in the bar too, so I don't advocate eating it all that often. But as an occasional treat, it is hard to beat.

Melt some of the chocolate over a double boiler, with a bit of butter or cream, and drizzle over strawberries for a truly exceptional treat. Or make a real, French mousse au chocolat. Who says being low carb means denying yourself simple pleasures?

Next stop: Switzerland. I will have to see if the dark chocolate in Switzerland is as good as the dark chocolate in Belgium. I have my doubts.

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