Saturday, June 18, 2011

Low Carbing Across Europe

In general, I have found that eating out in restaurants in Europe is easier and less complicated than in the U.S. As I have mentioned before, the food is of a higher quality and less processed.

That said, it is still not all that easy. We have stayed at a couple of Etap Hotels and the breakfast they provide is almost pure carbs ("carbage," as I heard someone describe it): bread, jam, juice, milk, chocolate spread, honey. The only thing on the menu I could eat once was the butter. So I have had to skip a few meals over here. Thank goodness I have learned to fast.

My wife, who is my assistant on this study abroad trip, tells me not to give her the food I don't or won't eat. She will eat it some times, but not often. Therefore, I am forced to leave food on the plate at times, which is a big non-no here in Europe. The parents and grandparents of a whole generation of people experienced near starvation in the immediate aftermath of World War II and throwing away food is seen as gauche, boorish behavior. But I have decided my health is much more important than merely offending some local culture, so I have been throwing the excess "carbage" away.

But overall, my low carbing experience has been quite positive. I am on track to lose about 15 pounds by the time I get home, which isn't bad. Some of the students were complaining that they were gaining weight over here, which is easy to do, with all the chocolate, alcohol, and junk food they are consuming.

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