Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekly Update, Part I

During the seven weeks I spent in Europe, I lost a total of 15.8 pounds. Not bad, considering the trip required eating out a lot. For example, on the last, 10-day-long trip (Belgium-Luxembourg-France-Switzerland-Italy-Austria-Germany-Luxembourg-Belgium), I basically had to eat out three times a day. Breakfast every morning in the hotel, then lunch and dinner somewhere else. So like in the Fathead movie, you can still eat out a lot and lose weight, if you make wise choices.

I must say, though, that I got awfully tired of eating ham and cheese. Almost all hotels served ham and cheese as part of the breakfast buffet, and that is what I would eat most mornings. Upon occasion, there was some plain yogurt made with whole milk and I would eat that when it was available. Sometimes, we even took some stuff from the breakfast buffet for lunch, so I had ham and cheese for lunch, too, on many occasions. I am really happy to get back to good home cooking for a while now.

The quality of food varied by country, with Belgium, France, and Italy being the easiest countries in which to follow a low carb lifestyle. The breakfast at the hotel in Salzburg, Austria was pretty good, but Switzerland, Germany, and Austria were tough countries to be in from a low carb perspective. But I survived.

Tomorrow, I will post the second part of this update, with my weekly loss (which I didn't do last week, either, since we were on the road). But let me just hint that my total loss is now above 45 pounds.

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