Sunday, July 3, 2011

Another Reason Why Low Carb Works

Yesterday, I attended the baptism of my 8-year-old nephew and afterward, there was a big family get together. With food. Lots of food, and almost all of it pure "carbage." So I ate what I could (a few strawberries and the roast beef and cheese innards from a croissant sandwich plus some other green veggies) and left the feeding trough satisfied.

But I noticed that everyone kept going back to the chips, potato salad, cookies, sandwiches, watermelon, soda pop, etc., while I abstained. I wasn't suffering and felt quite full, actually, with what I ate. I realized that by nourishing my body with nutrient dense calories, my appetite was sated and I probably consumed a lot fewer calories than most people there. A lot fewer calories. Feeling full and then spontaneously consuming fewer calories is one of the reasons people lose weight on low carb diets. I saw a vivid example of that principle in action yesterday.

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