Monday, May 23, 2011

For the Science Behind Low Carb Lifestyles

If you are in to the science behind the low carb lifestyle, there are some great blogs out there.  They are dense, and it helps a lot to understand multivariate statistics.  I wouldn't recommend these links for the casual reader, but if science is your thing, read on.
  • HyperLipid--If you want to know about dietary fat, this is the site for you.  Written by Petro "Peter" Dombromylskyj, a veterinarian and deep thinker about all things fat related.
  • Whole Health Source--The science behind the primal or paleo movement.  Written by Stephen Guyenet, a Ph.D. in neurobiology.
  • Perfect Health Diet--The science behind what the authors believe to be the perfect diet for health.  Written by Paul Jaminet, a Ph.D. in astrophysics and his wife, Shou Ching-Shih Jaminet, a Ph.D. in molecular biology.  They discovered the low carb lifestyle in 2005 and have been studying it ever since. Plus, great recipes.
  • Cholesterol and Health--The science behind the cholesterol debate.  Written by Chris Masterjohn, a Ph.D. candidate in nutrition at the University of Connecticut.  His blog is linked to this site.
There are others, but in my opinion, these are the heavy weights.  Again, not for everyone, but if you like the scientific discussion behind nutrition, you will love these blogs.

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