Sunday, April 24, 2011

Thought for the Day

Happy Easter everyone.

In a previous posting, I commented on how the low carb diet had curbed my hunger cravings.  Isn't it interesting how, when I was putting on fat, I was always hungry?  Yet now that I am burning fat, I am not hungry between meals and have lost those intrusive thoughts of food.  An interesting contradiction.  I had heard people make a distinction between "hunger" and "appetite."  Hunger was the physiological state when our bodies needed food and appetite was the psychological state when our bodies wanted food.

Actually, that kind of thinking was wrong.  We were hungry because we were starving at the cellular level, since much of what we consumed was stored as fat instead of burned as energy.  This made the distinction between hunger and appetite meaningless.  It was just hunger.  What low carbing has done for me is restore feelings of satiety.  This is a new and novel experience that I am savoring.

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